Aging is a state where the body cells have started becoming exhausted in terms of how they execute their functions. We cannot say that a kid of ten years is getting old. Most people have discovered that aging begins when somebody has attained the age of sixty and above. Nowadays when people age they forget the importance of health and fitness. Health is the state in which the body is at its best state. The body does not have illness or injuries. Fitness means the body having the capability to execute physical activities that involve the physical parts of the body, for example, legs, hands and the neck.

How to avoid health related diseases
Many of the adults in the present day society forget that they are no longer youth and therefore capping of some of the wired behaviors has become a hard nut to crack. It is important to reconsider the social life at hand and the social life in the past. Getting old is a process and therefore it should be under proper health program order for aging people to avoid old age sickness, the following has to be avoided.


Smoking causing breathing problems because it affects the proper functions of the lungs. For the aging people, smoking can lead to earlier deaths.
Drink less alcohol: abrupt stoppage in the consumption of alcohol can cause health problems. Therefore, drinking alcohol should be reduced at all costs. Drinking of alcohol without limits will lead to obtaining a disease called liver cirrhosis. The liver is in charge of cleaning body fluids so it is greatly affected.
Take part in national screening programs. As the body gets old, the white blood cells whose role is to fight disease-causing organism get depleted. Screening programs are advised to detect some of the fatal diseases like cancer.
Eat a healthy diet; healthy diet may also mean balanced diet. For the aging people, a little protein can do. What most doctors recommend are vitamins and carbohydrates. Vitamins will fight diseases and carbohydrates will provide energy.

Anti-aging exercises.
Squat right allows the femur to line up properly in the hip joint. The squat right will ensure firm knee joint and less pain on the knees.
Make your brains talk to each other: crossing your legs and arms over the middle line of your body. This forces the two sides of your brain to talk to one another.